Brand Identity & UX/UI

ITEC, inc

ITEC, inc

  • Client: Independent Trailer and Equipment Company
  • Skills: XHTML/CSS, Web Design, WordPress, Branding
  • About: ITEC Inc. is an established family-owned trailer and heavy equipment sales, repair and manufacturing shop. Their website and brand needed an overhaul to help them expand their business and improve their marketing strategy.


ITEC’s refreshed brand needs to communicate the company culture of hard-working, approachable, and family-owned and operated in a way that maintains the established brand identity with a new and more classic look that will have staying power while the company prepares to expand their inventory into online retail spaces.

  • Hard-working
  • Reliable
  • Approachable
  • Timeless
  • Bold
  • Red, White, Blue

Logo Redesign

ITEC wanted to stay true to the company’s roots, but needed a modern refresh to bring their brand to the next level. I used Montserrat Black to help tie in with their new brand, flattened the design, and simplified the flag to resemble more of a trailer tail- one of ITEC’s key innovations. Their new logo has clean lines, and a contemporary feel that can stand the test of time.

Website Redesign


The original site was designed in 1996 by one of ITEC’s founders and hadn’t been updated since; making this site a true time capsule to the days when the internet was new. Because ITEC is a holistic trailer and large equipment shop offering new equipment sales with a vast amount of inventory, custom fabrication, installations and repairs, their website had a lot of important information about their products and services to communicate on one site. However, the outdated site design was obscuring a lot of this information with a user interface and information structure that was built when the internet was still in its infancy and before best practices had been established.


I restructured the information architecture to be more intuitive to navigate across platforms. Eliminating the diamond plate background and opting for a clean white interface with elements in their new brand colors created a modern aesthetic while images of trucks and heavy equipment in action maintain the company’s culture of hard working approachability. Built in WordPress to keep everything easy to update, their new online storefront is fully integrated with WooCommerce for the ability to expand their inventory into the online market in the near future. With an updated brand and website, ITEC is ready to grow their business and expand their profits.

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