Multi-Touchpoint Ad Campaign

ivivva by lululemon

ivivva by lululemon

  • Client: Ivivva by Lululemon
  • Skills: Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Typography, Marketing Design
  • Copywriter: Erin Alkire

Email Banner

Registered site users receive an email with a custom designed banner to announce ivivva’s campaign and draw customers to the site. An email push notification goes out to all mobile app devices to alert shoppers of the special offers available.

Home Page Banner

Visitors are welcomed to the site with a home page banner that coordinates with the remaining campaign to create recognition and drive traffic to the ivivva shop pages.

Shop by Product Banner

A custom coordinating banner further down the site calls out special deals on specific products to provide a second opportunity to draw traffic to the ivivva shop pages.

Shop Page Banners

Shop-level pages with custom banners in each division for an editorial look cohesive with the campaign to help drive conversion rate.

Sweepstakes Landing Page

Strategically placed tiles draw attention to ivivva’s sweepstakes offer around the site and click into the Sweepstakes Landing Page to show a video about the company’s mission and allows shoppers to enter their information to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $100 Zulily store credit.

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